The wearing of personally crafted, made to measure clothing is a distinct luxury. To wear clothing that fits, that serves its purpose and to enjoy the process of having it made is one of life’s pleasures.

Earl & English is a modern evocation of a long passed ideal where a man’s tailor not only knew his measurements and how to send him into the world looking his best, but one where the tailor knew the nature of his business, the name of his dog and what made him tick. This relationship is taken very seriously and ultimately, service is at the heart of it.

Almost everything we offer is made in New Zealand to your measurements and requirements. And we offer a fair chunk of what a man needs.

A custom made two-piece suit starts at around $1450, little over what a good quality ready-to-wear suit retails for (a comparable price to many off the peg suit brands). You can choose from a vast range of frequently updated fabrics and linings, largely imported from world renowned Scottish mill, Holland & Sherry. They are then crafted in New Zealand by Australasia’s most trusted tailoring manufacturers, Rembrandt. Between Holland & Sherry, Rembrandt and Earl & English there is near on 250 years of experience woven into the manufacturing of our garments.